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Imagine Your Message on a Rolling Billboard Driving Coast to Coast!

Is your tractor-trailer or box truck just another big hulking vehicle, perhaps painted grey, blue or beige with non-descript lettering? Or is your truck, or fleet of trucks, advertising a colourful message to potential customers every second it’s on the road or parked for the world to see? A trailer or truck wrapped in your customer message and brand becomes a rolling billboard across the country. Wherever you travel, this billboard constantly tells the world who you are and why customers choose you. What an opportunity to get your message across! Bring big attention to your brand with large-scale vinyl vehicle wraps on on trucks, large or small. And keep

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Blog: How to Choose a Fleet Wrap Provider You Can Trust

Fleet Wrap 101 Looking for an affordable way to effectively increase your brand’s awareness? Vehicle wraps for fleets are mobile advertisements, capable of reaching thousands of potential customers daily. Cars, trucks, vans, boats; anything that moves can be used to advertise your enterprise and help build your brand’s visibility—anywhere, anytime. So how do you determine whom you should choose to provide decal work for your vehicles? Here are the top qualities you should consider when selecting a fleet wrap provider: At Auto Trim DESIGN, we are committed to the highest quality of service in the sign and wrap industry. Established in 1993, Auto Trim DESIGN uses vinyl to decorate and

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Moving Customers Along the “Path to Purchase”

Today’s customers don’t just wake up one morning and decided to buy your product. Each are led to the decision through what marketers call the “path to purchase.” Here’s how it works. As they go about their day, they come across as many of 5,000 massages, seen or heard. Most don’t even register until they start seeing it again, and again. When they’ve seen enough, that’s what leads them to the decision to buy. Need to get your message repeated? * Put your message on fleets of vehicles * Outdoor and indoor signs, brightly displaying your company name * Your name and logo on banners and event tents * Your

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