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GAP Stores Coast to Coast Enhanced With Back-Lit Graphics

Giving Your Walls Lifestyle Personality

The dream of every retailer is to separate their consumers from their cash. The challenge is how to influence buying decisions once your customer walks through the front door. The change room area of a clothing store is a perfect opportunity to promote a lifestyle personality. Are you appealing to those who see themselves as nature-loving, free spirits; classic style mavens; urban fashionistas; or independent hipsters? Now consider how backlit signs, or vinyl graphics on walls, ceilings and floors can those personalities through colour, texture, images, even words. How can you use backlit signs or vinyl wall graphics to appeal to your customers’ lifestyle personality?

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Doodle My Car

One of the latest finishes in vinyl vehicle wraps, wall and floor coverings is black chalkboard. We’re not talking about something that just looks like a black chalkboard. You can actually take chalk and draw on these finishes and then erase! • Imagine a food truck covered in a chalkboard wrap. Daily specials can be written on the sides. Prices and choices change when you need them to! • Use a chalkboard wall in a display booth to encourage feedback from your clients or post daily events. • At a vehicle display, instead of saying “don’t touch the cars” invite customers to doodle! Let them sign your vehicles and provide

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McCafe Wrap

Traffic Congestion Can Be Good For Business

In the Greater Toronto Area, the average person spends 65.6 minutes every day commuting between home and work. Think about it. For over an hour, your potential customers have nothing else to do other than stare at traffic (no texting allowed!) But wait, there’s something to read outside the window — it’s your message! With the amount of traffic increasing each year, vehicle wraps are great for spreading a message everywhere they go. They stand out and provide a break from an otherwise boring and frustrating commute. Earlier this year, McDonalds Canada used vehicles wrapped with their new McCafé ® graphics earlier. What better way to remind people that once

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Walmart/Mr. Lube Car Shop Graphics

Roll Out the Big Welcome

Tell your customers you’ve been expecting them. Make them feel welcome by showing them where to enter or where to bring their car so they can come on and bring their business with them! High quality, outdoor decals can be attached to doors and entrance ways for people, vehicles or both. For example, Auto Trim Design recently produced and installed such eye-catching graphics to car-shop doors for the new Mr. Lube service depots at Walmart. How can you use outdoor decals to reinforce your brand and make your customers feel welcome?

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It’s Good to be Green

“Toxic Green” may be a popular vehicle wrap colour but that’s as far as being toxic goes at Auto Trim Design. At Auto Trim, we do everything we can to cultivate an environment and a corporate culture that values sustainable, green practices. It means we continually work on ways to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. We also go above and beyond regulatory compliance to prevent pollution, and use environmentally friendly products and processes. Part of our job is keeping on top of the latest products and technologies. We like 3M’s new Envision™ wraps, for example. These vinyl wrap products work better and they are much greener.  They are PVC free,

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Why Being Stuck in Traffic Can Be A Good Thing

How many times this week have you been stuck in traffic, staring idly out the window until the vehicle in front of you moves forward. How many times have you seen the same truck beside you-often just a blank wall with a company name. Gridlock has struck North American cities. Smart companies are turning traffic chaos into a chance to promote their message, raise awareness of a cause or inspire potential customers. You can even use the opportunity to lighten the mood while promoting your brand. (Some Tim Horton tractor-trailers now carry a message, “Now this is a Tim’s run!”) Your vehicles may be on the road, 24/7. Whether or

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Fearless Floor Graphics Find Favour

With the rising popularity of floor graphics, many are asking about the best use of these new vinyl films, their durability and safety.   Are they easy to install? Yes, and easy to remove, as long as you use expert installers. The adhesives used are all removable. So how long do they last? It depends on your needs. If you’re using them for a short-term campaign (a matter of months) there is a different installation method and material than longer term use. Do they make the floor slippery or dangerous? Not at all. Most floor graphics are produced with an over-laminate featuring a non-slip coating to make them safe in

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If it Moves, You Should Wrap It

The installers at Auto Trim Design are always amazed at what comes our way to “wrap” or install. It’s one of the aspects of the business we like the most. We never know what might roll in! A few months ago, it was a scooter!   Think about the possibilities. A scooter could be branded with your company message, given a brand new colour and finish, or a fleet of scooters could be covered with a team’s logo.   Scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, trailer…. if it moves, it can carry your brand and carry your message wherever it goes!

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grocery store floor graphics

Let Your Floor Graphics Tell People Where to Go

Think floor graphics are just another way to advertise? Think again. Floor graphics are an excellent way to make better use of your space in an industrial or commercial building. You can section off areas, provide directions, and control the flow and direction of inside “traffic”. 1. In a manufacturing facility, floor graphics delineate safety zones and locations for equipment, and remind employees of health and safety instructions 2. In an institution like a hospital or clinic, floor graphics help visitors feel comfortable by marking routes to public areas, change rooms, etc. 3. In a commercial setting, floor graphics provide directions to fitting rooms, washrooms, or exits marked to specific

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Bacardi Fleet Wrap

Wrap Your Trucks to Talk with Customers

Van box trucks and pick up trucks provide large, flat surfaces to display your company message and bring attention to your brand. In a day of social media, vinyl wraps and signs on vehicles, windows, indoor and outdoor surfaces also invite an immediate response from your potential customers.   Take the Bacardi Rum Truck, for example, which promotes the manufacturer of the world’s most awarded spirit. The truck wrap is classic yet powerful. It carries a strong brand logo—the famous “Bacardi bat”—and brand colours. But most importantly, on the back rear window, a twitter hashtag “#true passion” encourages those passing by to tweet a message.   How well are you

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Wrap Your Head Around This!

“What’s in it for me?”

You will be kept up to date on Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated with updates on infrastructure and events, tips on how to make the most out of your graphics and much more.

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