Why Being Stuck in Traffic Can Be A Good Thing

How many times this week have you been stuck in traffic, staring idly out the window until the vehicle in front of you moves forward. How many times have you seen the same truck beside you-often just a blank wall with a company name.

Gridlock has struck North American cities. Smart companies are turning traffic chaos into a chance to promote their message, raise awareness of a cause or inspire potential customers. You can even use the opportunity to lighten the mood while promoting your brand. (Some Tim Horton tractor-trailers now carry a message, “Now this is a Tim’s run!”)

Your vehicles may be on the road, 24/7. Whether or not they are moving or stuck in traffic, are you making that time worthwhile?

Fearless Floor Graphics Find Favour

With the rising popularity of floor graphics, many are asking about the best use of these new vinyl films, their durability and safety.


Are they easy to install?

Yes, and easy to remove, as long as you use expert installers. The adhesives used are all removable.

So how long do they last?

It depends on your needs. If you’re using them for a short-term campaign (a matter of months) there is a different installation method and material than longer term use.

Do they make the floor slippery or dangerous?

Not at all. Most floor graphics are produced with an over-laminate featuring a non-slip coating to make them safe in environments where people may have wet feet. Floor graphics can help make a slippery floor safer!