Blog: Drive Brand Awareness with Vehicle Magnets

Add a Magnetic Personality to Your Fleet!

Custom vehicle magnets or magnetics are an excellent promotional option for companies that are seeking to advertise their business and make their brand visible at an inexpensive price point. Vehicle magnets can communicate a compelling message when designed effectively, serving as a mobile billboard that leaves an impression of your company on thousands of potential customers and prospects each day.

With vehicle magnets, you can include details such as your business’ name, web address, mission statement – whatever you want potential customers to know. Vehicle magnets can be detached without difficulty from your vehicle and/or shared among various vehicles within your fleet. In addition, vehicle magnetics are made with materials that are weather resistant and UV (ultra violet) resistant to circumvent fading. To maximize the impact of your message on your customers, your magnetic signs need to stand out – day and night. Fortunately, with reflective materials, your vehicle magnets will illuminate your business’ message and logos even in the dark of night!

Magnetic signs are typically applied to three positions on the vehicle: the rear, the driver’s side, and the passenger’s side, with the rear magnetic sign garnering the most perceptibility. Vehicle magnets should be ordered in custom sizes to guarantee the best fit on the vehicle.

Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated Van

At Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated, our experienced team of 3M preferred graphic installers can help you create vehicle magnets that are striking, effective, and designed for your specific needs and vehicle size. With the professional staff at Auto Trim DESIGN at your side, we will make your vehicles one of your most powerful marketing tools!

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