Vehicle wraps that make your mouth water!

The food truck industry has been growing every year for almost the past decade.  I fact, its estimated value is over 1.2 billion worldwide!  All those food trucks promote their brand when they drive; but most importantly, they attract customers with their enticing trucks wherever they are parked.

Are you selling gourmet? Southern BBQ? Fresh and light? Seafood delight, or tailgate party? Your logo, your colours, and the photographs are all part of what keeps people talking about your food – and tweeting to their friends about your truck(s) (including where they are!).

Auto Trim DESIGN covered the Canadian Hot Dog truck, featuring Fresh Cut and Curly Fries. There’s no doubt what you’re going to enjoy when you buy from this vendor.

Installers – Unsung Superheroes Of The Sign Industry

Imagine investing in a vehicle wraps for you fleet only to find loose edges, alignment issues, even (horror!) cuts in the paint. Ouch!


Quality sign installers and wrap experts know and understand today’s wide range of material properties in addition to the potential and limits to what they can do. These unsung super heroes of the sign industry have the skills and experience to install a variety of graphics on all types of surfaces, even around the complex curved surfaces of a race car.
Never underestimate the value of proper installation! Auto Trim DESIGN uses 3M trained professional installers for any job, big or small. Your investment is just too important to leave to anyone else but the best!

Doodle My Car

One of the latest finishes in vinyl vehicle wraps, wall and floor coverings is black chalkboard. We’re not talking about something that just looks like a black chalkboard. You can actually take chalk and draw on these finishes and then erase!

• Imagine a food truck covered in a chalkboard wrap. Daily specials can be written on the sides. Prices and choices change when you need them to!
• Use a chalkboard wall in a display booth to encourage feedback from your clients or post daily events.
• At a vehicle display, instead of saying “don’t touch the cars” invite customers to doodle! Let them sign your vehicles and provide customer comments.

Looking for more ideas? Ask an Auto Trim Design consultant about creative ways to use chalkboard and other innovative vinyl wrap finishes to promote your business.

It’s Good to be Green

“Toxic Green” may be a popular vehicle wrap colour but that’s as far as being toxic goes at Auto Trim Design.

At Auto Trim, we do everything we can to cultivate an environment and a corporate culture that values sustainable, green practices. It means we continually work on ways to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. We also go above and beyond regulatory compliance to prevent pollution, and use environmentally friendly products and processes.

Part of our job is keeping on top of the latest products and technologies. We like 3M’s new Envision™ wraps, for example. These vinyl wrap products work better and they are much greener.  They are PVC free, made with bio-based materials and contain 60% less solvents!

Now that’s a green wrap!

Why Being Stuck in Traffic Can Be A Good Thing

How many times this week have you been stuck in traffic, staring idly out the window until the vehicle in front of you moves forward. How many times have you seen the same truck beside you-often just a blank wall with a company name.

Gridlock has struck North American cities. Smart companies are turning traffic chaos into a chance to promote their message, raise awareness of a cause or inspire potential customers. You can even use the opportunity to lighten the mood while promoting your brand. (Some Tim Horton tractor-trailers now carry a message, “Now this is a Tim’s run!”)

Your vehicles may be on the road, 24/7. Whether or not they are moving or stuck in traffic, are you making that time worthwhile?

Wrap Your Trucks to Talk with Customers

Van box trucks and pick up trucks provide large, flat surfaces to display your company message and bring attention to your brand. In a day of social media, vinyl wraps and signs on vehicles, windows, indoor and outdoor surfaces also invite an immediate response from your potential customers.


Take the Bacardi Rum Truck, for example, which promotes the manufacturer of the world’s most awarded spirit. The truck wrap is classic yet powerful. It carries a strong brand logo—the famous “Bacardi bat”—and brand colours. But most importantly, on the back rear window, a twitter hashtag “#true passion” encourages those passing by to tweet a message.


How well are you using vinyl wraps and signs to “talk” to customers?

Brushed Steel, the New Cool

The ultimate in cool for 2014 are brushed steel and chrome wraps that turn a car, especially a sports vehicle, into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Metallic wraps, which also come in colours, can be installed on trucks, vans, boats, motorcycle, even home and office appliances.
Pick the statement you want to make. Surfaces can be glossy, matte and brushed. Shiny surfaces create a mirror finish that makes heads turn. Brushed steel says, “Hey, we’re cool and sophisticated.”
Make sure you select your source with care. These advanced wraps are pushing the industry to new levels of expertise so installers must be highly skilled so that the wrap is done properly and lasts.
Check out the Kia Soul, recently taken to a whole new level by Auto Trim Design by giving it a brushed steal wrap. Way cool, man.


Wrapping for a Cause

Vehicle wraps do more than just promote products and services to sell. A strong message and brand on a fleet of vehicles brings awareness to a good cause.
This spring, Auto Trim Design wrapped a fleet of 5 vehicles for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving.) Since 1989, this charitable, grassroots organization has been committed to stopping impaired driving and supporting victims. It has been estimated that thousands of lives have been saved because of the work of MADD.

The wrapped vehicles remind people everywhere they go about the dangers of drinking impaired, as well as the huge contribution MADD makes every year to individuals and families across Canada. 

Do you have a cause to “wrap”?


Blog: Drive Brand Awareness with Vehicle Magnets

Add a Magnetic Personality to Your Fleet!

Custom vehicle magnets or magnetics are an excellent promotional option for companies that are seeking to advertise their business and make their brand visible at an inexpensive price point. Vehicle magnets can communicate a compelling message when designed effectively, serving as a mobile billboard that leaves an impression of your company on thousands of potential customers and prospects each day.

With vehicle magnets, you can include details such as your business’ name, web address, mission statement – whatever you want potential customers to know. Vehicle magnets can be detached without difficulty from your vehicle and/or shared among various vehicles within your fleet. In addition, vehicle magnetics are made with materials that are weather resistant and UV (ultra violet) resistant to circumvent fading. To maximize the impact of your message on your customers, your magnetic signs need to stand out – day and night. Fortunately, with reflective materials, your vehicle magnets will illuminate your business’ message and logos even in the dark of night!

Magnetic signs are typically applied to three positions on the vehicle: the rear, the driver’s side, and the passenger’s side, with the rear magnetic sign garnering the most perceptibility. Vehicle magnets should be ordered in custom sizes to guarantee the best fit on the vehicle.

Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated Van

At Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated, our experienced team of 3M preferred graphic installers can help you create vehicle magnets that are striking, effective, and designed for your specific needs and vehicle size. With the professional staff at Auto Trim DESIGN at your side, we will make your vehicles one of your most powerful marketing tools!

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Imagine Your Message on a Rolling Billboard Driving Coast to Coast!

Is your tractor-trailer or box truck just another big hulking vehicle, perhaps painted grey, blue or beige with non-descript lettering? Or is your truck, or fleet of trucks, advertising a colourful message to potential customers every second it’s on the road or parked for the world to see?

A trailer or truck wrapped in your customer message and brand becomes a rolling billboard across the country. Wherever you travel, this billboard constantly tells the world who you are and why customers choose you. What an opportunity to get your message across!

Bring big attention to your brand with large-scale vinyl vehicle wraps on on trucks, large or small. And keep on truckin’!