Here at Auto Trim DESIGN Inc., we are continually implementing sustainability practices throughout our industry by doing our part by helping keep our environment – a healthy one!

Proud Recipient’s of SGIA Sustainable Recognition Award.

EARTH WEEK APRIL 17 – 22, 2017

Give your floors some personality

Can a floor have a personality? Absolutely! Just imagine walking into the CEO’s office of travel adventure company and finding the entire floor covered in a map, or a florists shop and walking on a bed of flowers.

Floor graphics are one of the latest trends for establishing a brand and capturing attention. Depending on how long you want them to last (long term or for a single campaign), you choose the durability of the finish. With advances in technology, there is almost no limit to creative and innovative applications.
Use floor graphics for:
  • A short term promotional message
  • Company logo and tag line
  • Long term brand look
  • Architectural finish
  • “Waiting room” activity (puzzle, maze, giant board game)
  • Directions or instructions
  • Reminders, e.g. lights out?
Now, add your own ideas-what would you like your customers to enjoy?

Meet Tough Competition Head On

Today’s sales environment is tough. Think of Smart Set or the Bombay Company, two retailers that only last fall succumbed to a sluggish economy and intense competition.
So how do you keep the attention of your customers and remain competitive? One way is through unique and effective signage, inside and out, that gives your customers a memorable experience. We don’t just mean a display of products. We’re talking about enticing sign graphics on outside walls; banners in windows; branded, vinyl graphics on inside surfaces including floors; signs at your the service desk and POP displays in your lobby and main customer areas.


Whether you’re a national-wide corporation, a small chain or a single owner operated business, never underestimate a great customer experience!

We’re Growing!

We are excited to announce that that Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated has decided to acquire Peter Graphics, the leader in real estate signage.

Peter Graphics graphics provides the top quality real estate signs for all of the major Real Estate companies such as REMAX, Century 21 and HomeLife, just to name a few.

Have a look at Peter Graphics newly designed website!


Giving Your Walls Lifestyle Personality

The dream of every retailer is to separate their consumers from their cash. The challenge is how to influence buying decisions once your customer walks through the front door.

The change room area of a clothing store is a perfect opportunity to promote a lifestyle personality. Are you appealing to those who see themselves as nature-loving, free spirits; classic style mavens; urban fashionistas; or independent hipsters? Now consider how backlit signs, or vinyl graphics on walls, ceilings and floors can those personalities through colour, texture, images, even words.

How can you use backlit signs or vinyl wall graphics to appeal to your customers’ lifestyle personality?

Traffic Congestion Can Be Good For Business

In the Greater Toronto Area, the average person spends 65.6 minutes every day commuting between home and work. Think about it. For over an hour, your potential customers have nothing else to do other than stare at traffic (no texting allowed!) But wait, there’s something to read outside the window — it’s your message!

With the amount of traffic increasing each year, vehicle wraps are great for spreading a message everywhere they go. They stand out and provide a break from an otherwise boring and frustrating commute.

Earlier this year, McDonalds Canada used vehicles wrapped with their new McCafé ® graphics earlier. What better way to remind people that once they’ve cleared the traffic, it’s time to get a coffee?

If it Moves, You Should Wrap It

The installers at Auto Trim Design are always amazed at what comes our way to “wrap” or install. It’s one of the aspects of the business we like the most. We never know what might roll in! A few months ago, it was a scooter!


Think about the possibilities. A scooter could be branded with your company message, given a brand new colour and finish, or a fleet of scooters could be covered with a team’s logo.


Scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, trailer…. if it moves, it can carry your brand and carry your message wherever it goes!

Auto Trim DESIGN Inc. Customer Appreciation BBQ

Thanks to Everyone Who Attended Our Customer Appreciation Event!

We were very appreciative of the many attendees that joined us in celebrating another successful year at Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated.  It was our very first year holding an event of that scale but we can proudly say it turned out to be a big hit!

Thanks again on behalf of everyone here at Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated, and a special thank you to Chico’s BBQ Catering for providing the delicious food.



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Sustainable Green Printing Partnership

On the Path to Becoming a Leader in Sustainability

SGPWe are proud to announce that Auto Trim DESIGN Inc. is working towards increased participation in the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the only whole facility sustainability certification program in the graphic communication industry.

This means that we are undergoing a 3rd party certification program to ensure that we are in compliance with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations and are adhering to the publicly vetted set of criteria for best practices in sustainability.

In pursuance of the SGP’s environmental and sustainability practices, we have developed a program to reduce our energy consumption by over 10% within the next few months! As well, we are also working on smaller projects to reduce our carbon footprint and inspire our community to do the same. We are fully committed to our sustainability project and have assigned a sustainability committee to make sure our goal is reached. Responsibilities of our sustainability committee include:

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  • Promoting benefits of sustainability in marketing materials
  • Exhibiting at conferences, local workshops and events
  • Providing tours of the facility
  • Responding to inquiries on environmental initiatives

There are many benefits of sustainability on a commercial level, for example: reducing operating costs, waste, energy consumption and pollution, and injuries. You can refer to the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership website for more information on these benefits. If you would like to learn more about our environmental initiatives, we invite you to come tour our facility or feel free to Contact Us if you have any concerns or suggestions.


Application Spotlight 3M Corporate Branding – London, Ontario

Real Products + Real World

3M Canada Graphic Solutions recently conducted an application spotlight involving Auto Trim DESIGN of London as part of their monthly showcase of solutions for designers and fabricators: WRAP IT UP with 3M.  Here’s what 3M Canada had to say in their showcase:


In 2012, 3M Canada Company of London, Ontario officially broke ground on the construction of a two storey, 30,000 sq ft extension of its five storey head office tower.

To reflect the corporate culture in this new office environment, the company enlisted Figure 3, a Toronto design firm that specializes in creating innovative and inspiring workspaces that advance a company’s brand.

3M's Graphic Solutions

With clear agreement on the 3M branding message, Figure 3 had a little difficulty selecting the ideal medium to bring that message to life in the office environment.

3M’s Graphic Solutions offer unlimited ways to transform space with innovative and practical products that meet the diverse needs of building and business owners, designers, architects and other professionals.

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  • Removable cut graphics create tape art that can be updated and removed as corporate visions evolve.
  • Fasara Glass and Crystal Glass Finishes provide the look, privacy and translucency of etched, sandblasted or textured glass.
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Before the Transformation

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After the Transformation