Get in Touch With Sensory Branding

Think of a rich leather texture, a high gloss shine, or the cool, rough sensation of natural stone.  Now watch people walk by and put out their hands to touch the surface. What are they thinking? What are they remembering?

If you want your customer to remember your message, give them something to touch! Touch stimulus creates a stronger emotional connection with your customer that sight or sound. Touch makes a connection they’re more likely to recall in the future.
Initially used to add an architectural finish to a room or furniture, “sensory branding” with texture finishes is one of today’s biggest trends for displays as well as wall, ceiling and floor coverings. Maybe it’s time you got in touch with your customers!

What Story Does Your Windows Tell?

Creative window signage with vinyl graphics, decals, back-lit signs and hanging banners in your store window all tell your story -what you sell, who you are, who you sell to, and why customers should come inside.

An empty or poorly signed window says, “we’re going out of business”, or “we’re not expecting company, no reason to come in here.” An attractive window, however, tells an interesting story. It says, “Inside you’ll find even more creative ideas. Come in and see for yourself-this store is for you.”

What story do your windows tell? Are they silently working for you or telling people there’s no reason to come through the door?


Blog: Five Benefits of Using Window Graphics to Advertise Your Business

Window of Opportunity

Sometimes, all it takes to entice potential patrons to your company is a brilliant window graphic placed in a key location. Window decals and/or decorative window films are excellent methods of helping businesses distinguish themselves from their competition.

If you are uncertain as to whether your business should invest in window advertisement decals, here are five fundamental benefits of installing window graphics:

  1. Instantaneous, Economical Advertising that builds your Brand: To grow a business, you have to develop your brand. An unvarnished window does not express whom you are to potential customers passing by. A varnished window with expressive decals, however, attracts attention and builds priceless brand awareness. With window decals, you can directly inform potential customers of your company’s name and what your business offers. By providing this information to potential customers, word-of-mouth advertising about your company will expand.
  2. Advertise Specials: Besides advertising in newspapers, flyers, through social networking sites, and on other forms of media, boost your marketing efforts with window graphics that inform the public about what you have to offer, the latest deals, and your services.
  3. Enhance Privacy: Partial or complete privacy, or frosted effects to allow natural light in: There are some situations where you may not find it desirable for people passing by to see the entirety of the inside of your business. With the use of decorative window films, your business can continue to impress customers with effective imagery while giving you the privacy you want from your windows.
  4. Save on City Permits: When you want to put up a sign or banner, most cities restrict their sizes and/or necessitate the acquisition of a permit. If you do not obey the rules and regulations regarding business-front signage, you may receive a fine. Fortunately with window graphics, that is usually not the case. Have your business install window decals instead of signage and banners to save time and money.
  5. Powerful in Conjunction with Other Forms of Advertising: The windows on your business are not the only areas where you can use decals to create brand awareness. Install decal-work on company cars and trucks to build brand awareness. Create custom signs, vinyl banners, or letterings on company cars and trucks to let the greater community at large know what your company offers them. When you combine the use of window graphics with these other forms of advertising, your business is efficiently and effectively capturing the attention of potential customers and sparking interest.


Vita Path Window GraphicLogo, tagline lettering, or descriptive imagery: Your windows offer an ideal place to inject your message and establish immediate impact. Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated makes out of home advertising simple, offers products that get your brand noticed, and emphasizes your positioning while customers are on the go. From vibrant designs to rich patterned effects, Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated brings your wildest ideas to life and helps revamp your space into a superbly decorated, upscale atmosphere.

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What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas

Frosted window treatments are the perfect solution for providing privacy, yet letting in some natural light. Think of frosted treatments for windows, doors, inside dividing walls-wherever you have glass. For a receptionist space, or a street level office, solid vinyl graphics give complete privacy when you don’t want everyone looking in. Frosted vinyl graphic lets in some light but shields you from direct access.

Frosted window treatments are also an attractive and creative approach, especially when used for seasonal messaging! Incorporate your corporate message subtly into full frosted graphics or just frosted patterns to create the effect of etched glass.

Frosted window treatments create a statement and gives privacy. Let’s keep what’s happening in Vegas-stay in Vegas!

Frosted Window Graphics