Enhance Your Advertising with Fleet Graphics

Vehicle wraps for fleets are moving billboards, past thousands of potential customers and prospects. Trucks, cars, boats, anything that moves can promote your business and make your brand visible—everywhere they go.

Prius Fleet Graphics

Create Brand awareness while you drive around

No matter what type of vehicle you drive; A car, a motorbike, a bicycle, a helicopter  or even a train! We can wrap it with your companies’ brand! Help spread your brand awareness by wrapping your vehicular fleet with Auto Trim DESIGN graphic solutions. It will help increase the effectiveness  of your marketing campaign by mobile advertisement around the city!

Bicycle Advertisement Toronto

Customize your vehicle to reflect you

Whether it’s for branding or because you’re bored: Stand out from the crowd by giving your fleet a whole new look with 3M’s line of personalization films! Change your colour as you change your mood – all with the added benefit of paint protection.

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