Ignite Attention With Backlit Graphics

Research tells us that displays noticed first at today’s trade shows are the ones that are backlit. Eyes are immediately drawn to the brighter colours and eye-catching graphics.
Backlit graphics are especially effective in darker venues such as restaurants, specialty retailers, on menu boards, behind a bar, or on retail signs and displays, inside or out. Inspire the latest fashion look on a wall leading to a store change room.  Give a seasonal look at the front lobby. Choose from a simple transit backlit sign to a massive flex vinyl message that makes your message bigger than life.
Sounds complicated? Expert installers at Auto Trim Design provide everything you need, from lighting technology, slim portable light boxes and overall design concept. Set up can be done quickly and easily.
Go ahead. Ignite attention!

Stuck in Traffic? Make it Worth Your While

So you’re late for a client meeting, stuck in traffic. Or sales have been slow so you’ve parked your van and gone home early. You may be off the job, but your wrapped vehicle is still hard at work!
Branded company cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes all keep working long after you’ve packed it in for the day. Stuck in traffic? Everyone around you is looking at your company name and brand message. Parked at the side of the road? Wherever your vehicle is, your products and services are being advertised around the clock.
And unlike digital advertising (like an email message), no one can turn off a vehicle wrap ad. Even when a wrapped car is parked or stuck in traffic, it’s capturing attention and sparking interest.
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