Phase 1: Consultation

Once our team gets in contact with you, you can schedule a consultation meeting with us to talk about your needs and how we can help reach your business objectives. Our company has over 35 years of combined experience and knowledge, we offer strategic thinking and brand advice that will help move your business in the right direction.

Phase 3: Printing 

All production is done in-house, carefully crafted by our highly skilled team paying close attention to detail to ensure that everything is completed to perfection. We print on various substrates using precision tools and certified 3M quality high performance materials. We can assure you that the final product has a professional visual impact that has long lasting durability whether it’s a short or long term project. Our specialized equipment gives us the ability to hit difficult colors for normal CMYK printers.    

Phase 2: Creative & Development 

If you have or need a design from anything like logos to full color vehicle wrap, Auto Trim DESIGN works with your ideas to create professional and quality results. Our team works directly with your marketing people, in house graphics department and agency to ensure that all creative development satisfies your business brand

Phase 4: Finishing & Quality Control Check 

Accuracy and speed are critical in the finishing process. Our trained staff operates our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) equipment that gives us the ability to cut, router, and crease various materials in a fast and efficient way while ensuring the quality is up to professional industry standards. Your brand identity is protected, as all our prints are profiled to match industry standard pantone colors.


Phase 5: Installation 

Once everything is in check and all prints are done, our team of qualified 3M preferred graphic installers will install it for you ensuring that the process is done correctly and professionally. We are one of just 6 Canadian companies designated as a 3M Platinum Select fabricator, providing high-quality graphics from the start process to finished product.