Wrap Your Trucks to Talk with Customers

Van box trucks and pick up trucks provide large, flat surfaces to display your company message and bring attention to your brand. In a day of social media, vinyl wraps and signs on vehicles, windows, indoor and outdoor surfaces also invite an immediate response from your potential customers.


Take the Bacardi Rum Truck, for example, which promotes the manufacturer of the world’s most awarded spirit. The truck wrap is classic yet powerful. It carries a strong brand logo—the famous “Bacardi bat”—and brand colours. But most importantly, on the back rear window, a twitter hashtag “#true passion” encourages those passing by to tweet a message.


How well are you using vinyl wraps and signs to “talk” to customers?

Signs of Attraction

Doorways, window displays and signs literally draw customers into stores. They provide a “sneak” preview of the experience they can expect inside. A cluttered window and shabby entrance? Most likely a thrift store. An artfully displayed window and elegant entrance?  A classy boutique.

There’s no end to creative possibilities using vinyl window signs and entrance wraps for retail establishments.

  1. Spa serenity? Think natural finishes and nature inspired themes
  2. Sports retailer? Photos of superstars with high energy colours and logos
  3. Romantic bistro? Take your customers to Paris, New York or Rome with wall cityscapes
  4. Trendy dress shop? Latest colours, textures, patterns re-create the fashion runway
How do you want to use signs, window and wall coverings to attract customers into your place of business?

Brushed Steel, the New Cool

The ultimate in cool for 2014 are brushed steel and chrome wraps that turn a car, especially a sports vehicle, into a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Metallic wraps, which also come in colours, can be installed on trucks, vans, boats, motorcycle, even home and office appliances.
Pick the statement you want to make. Surfaces can be glossy, matte and brushed. Shiny surfaces create a mirror finish that makes heads turn. Brushed steel says, “Hey, we’re cool and sophisticated.”
Make sure you select your source with care. These advanced wraps are pushing the industry to new levels of expertise so installers must be highly skilled so that the wrap is done properly and lasts.
Check out the Kia Soul, recently taken to a whole new level by Auto Trim Design by giving it a brushed steal wrap. Way cool, man.