Wrap And Display With A Green Conscience

When Vancouver was awarded the Winter Olympics, the city pledged to set a new bar for greener and more energy-efficient games. As a result, all of the signs produced were made out of recyclable materials and at the end of the games, removed to be recycled.

At Auto Trim we offer the same commitment to helping customers with their sustainability goals. The 3M Envission Wrap Films we use are made with non-PVC polymers. They are phthalate-free, exclude chlorine and other halogens, and manufactured using bio-based materials and 60 percent less solvent. Their composition also means that they are 100% recyclable.

So go ahead, wrap everything from vehicles, boats and textured buildings, to billboards and almost everything in between-and do it with a green conscience!

Moving To The Green Side

Customers that want remain true to their commitment to being green can depend on Auto Trim Design to help them meet their goals. We are currently going through a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certification to make sure we are doing everything possible to stay in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.
Our long term project is to reduce our energy consumption by over 10 percent. Along the way, we are taking on a variety of smaller project to decrease our carbon footprint and encourage those who work with use to do the same. This includes our eco-friendly inks and solvents in addition to using the world’s first non-PVC, high-performing 3M™ Envision™ Wrap Films.
Ask us how we can help you stay on the green side.

Doodle My Car

One of the latest finishes in vinyl vehicle wraps, wall and floor coverings is black chalkboard. We’re not talking about something that just looks like a black chalkboard. You can actually take chalk and draw on these finishes and then erase!

• Imagine a food truck covered in a chalkboard wrap. Daily specials can be written on the sides. Prices and choices change when you need them to!
• Use a chalkboard wall in a display booth to encourage feedback from your clients or post daily events.
• At a vehicle display, instead of saying “don’t touch the cars” invite customers to doodle! Let them sign your vehicles and provide customer comments.

Looking for more ideas? Ask an Auto Trim Design consultant about creative ways to use chalkboard and other innovative vinyl wrap finishes to promote your business.

Roll Out the Big Welcome

Tell your customers you’ve been expecting them. Make them feel welcome by showing them where to enter or where to bring their car so they can come on and bring their business with them!

High quality, outdoor decals can be attached to doors and entrance ways for people, vehicles or both. For example, Auto Trim Design recently produced and installed such eye-catching graphics to car-shop doors for the new Mr. Lube service depots at Walmart.

How can you use outdoor decals to reinforce your brand and make your customers feel welcome?

It’s Good to be Green

“Toxic Green” may be a popular vehicle wrap colour but that’s as far as being toxic goes at Auto Trim Design.

At Auto Trim, we do everything we can to cultivate an environment and a corporate culture that values sustainable, green practices. It means we continually work on ways to reduce waste, recycle and re-use. We also go above and beyond regulatory compliance to prevent pollution, and use environmentally friendly products and processes.

Part of our job is keeping on top of the latest products and technologies. We like 3M’s new Envision™ wraps, for example. These vinyl wrap products work better and they are much greener.  They are PVC free, made with bio-based materials and contain 60% less solvents!

Now that’s a green wrap!

Signs of Attraction

Doorways, window displays and signs literally draw customers into stores. They provide a “sneak” preview of the experience they can expect inside. A cluttered window and shabby entrance? Most likely a thrift store. An artfully displayed window and elegant entrance?  A classy boutique.

There’s no end to creative possibilities using vinyl window signs and entrance wraps for retail establishments.

  1. Spa serenity? Think natural finishes and nature inspired themes
  2. Sports retailer? Photos of superstars with high energy colours and logos
  3. Romantic bistro? Take your customers to Paris, New York or Rome with wall cityscapes
  4. Trendy dress shop? Latest colours, textures, patterns re-create the fashion runway
How do you want to use signs, window and wall coverings to attract customers into your place of business?

Ignite Attention With Backlit Graphics

Research tells us that displays noticed first at today’s trade shows are the ones that are backlit. Eyes are immediately drawn to the brighter colours and eye-catching graphics.
Backlit graphics are especially effective in darker venues such as restaurants, specialty retailers, on menu boards, behind a bar, or on retail signs and displays, inside or out. Inspire the latest fashion look on a wall leading to a store change room.  Give a seasonal look at the front lobby. Choose from a simple transit backlit sign to a massive flex vinyl message that makes your message bigger than life.
Sounds complicated? Expert installers at Auto Trim Design provide everything you need, from lighting technology, slim portable light boxes and overall design concept. Set up can be done quickly and easily.
Go ahead. Ignite attention!

Bring Your Billboards and Signs into the Light

Why keep your customers in the dark? By using illuminated signs, your message comes through clear, bright and shining, regardless of the time of day or the lighting conditions. Images come alive with the benefit of light, colours are brighter and more accurate.
Outside, illuminated signs can be mounted on a wall or freestanding. Inside a building, they give additional impact suspended from a ceiling or over an entranceway. Wherever they’re used, the exceptional quality of illuminated signs makes them able to withstand the elements.
As we approach that time of year with shorter days and dark wintery nights, think of the impact you can make with a sign or billboard, lighting up your message and brand.
GAP Stores Coast to Coast Enhanced With Back-Lit Graphics