Give your floors some personality

Can a floor have a personality? Absolutely! Just imagine walking into the CEO’s office of travel adventure company and finding the entire floor covered in a map, or a florists shop and walking on a bed of flowers.

Floor graphics are one of the latest trends for establishing a brand and capturing attention. Depending on how long you want them to last (long term or for a single campaign), you choose the durability of the finish. With advances in technology, there is almost no limit to creative and innovative applications.
Use floor graphics for:
  • A short term promotional message
  • Company logo and tag line
  • Long term brand look
  • Architectural finish
  • “Waiting room” activity (puzzle, maze, giant board game)
  • Directions or instructions
  • Reminders, e.g. lights out?
Now, add your own ideas-what would you like your customers to enjoy?

Wrap And Display With A Green Conscience

When Vancouver was awarded the Winter Olympics, the city pledged to set a new bar for greener and more energy-efficient games. As a result, all of the signs produced were made out of recyclable materials and at the end of the games, removed to be recycled.

At Auto Trim we offer the same commitment to helping customers with their sustainability goals. The 3M Envission Wrap Films we use are made with non-PVC polymers. They are phthalate-free, exclude chlorine and other halogens, and manufactured using bio-based materials and 60 percent less solvent. Their composition also means that they are 100% recyclable.

So go ahead, wrap everything from vehicles, boats and textured buildings, to billboards and almost everything in between-and do it with a green conscience!