Here at Auto Trim DESIGN Inc., we are continually implementing sustainability practices throughout our industry by doing our part by helping keep our environment – a healthy one!

Proud Recipient’s of SGIA Sustainable Recognition Award.

EARTH WEEK APRIL 17 – 22, 2017

Vehicle wraps that make your mouth water!

The food truck industry has been growing every year for almost the past decade.  I fact, its estimated value is over 1.2 billion worldwide!  All those food trucks promote their brand when they drive; but most importantly, they attract customers with their enticing trucks wherever they are parked.

Are you selling gourmet? Southern BBQ? Fresh and light? Seafood delight, or tailgate party? Your logo, your colours, and the photographs are all part of what keeps people talking about your food – and tweeting to their friends about your truck(s) (including where they are!).

Auto Trim DESIGN covered the Canadian Hot Dog truck, featuring Fresh Cut and Curly Fries. There’s no doubt what you’re going to enjoy when you buy from this vendor.

Give your floors some personality

Can a floor have a personality? Absolutely! Just imagine walking into the CEO’s office of travel adventure company and finding the entire floor covered in a map, or a florists shop and walking on a bed of flowers.

Floor graphics are one of the latest trends for establishing a brand and capturing attention. Depending on how long you want them to last (long term or for a single campaign), you choose the durability of the finish. With advances in technology, there is almost no limit to creative and innovative applications.
Use floor graphics for:
  • A short term promotional message
  • Company logo and tag line
  • Long term brand look
  • Architectural finish
  • “Waiting room” activity (puzzle, maze, giant board game)
  • Directions or instructions
  • Reminders, e.g. lights out?
Now, add your own ideas-what would you like your customers to enjoy?

Wrap And Display With A Green Conscience

When Vancouver was awarded the Winter Olympics, the city pledged to set a new bar for greener and more energy-efficient games. As a result, all of the signs produced were made out of recyclable materials and at the end of the games, removed to be recycled.

At Auto Trim we offer the same commitment to helping customers with their sustainability goals. The 3M Envission Wrap Films we use are made with non-PVC polymers. They are phthalate-free, exclude chlorine and other halogens, and manufactured using bio-based materials and 60 percent less solvent. Their composition also means that they are 100% recyclable.

So go ahead, wrap everything from vehicles, boats and textured buildings, to billboards and almost everything in between-and do it with a green conscience!

Get in Touch With Sensory Branding

Think of a rich leather texture, a high gloss shine, or the cool, rough sensation of natural stone.  Now watch people walk by and put out their hands to touch the surface. What are they thinking? What are they remembering?

If you want your customer to remember your message, give them something to touch! Touch stimulus creates a stronger emotional connection with your customer that sight or sound. Touch makes a connection they’re more likely to recall in the future.
Initially used to add an architectural finish to a room or furniture, “sensory branding” with texture finishes is one of today’s biggest trends for displays as well as wall, ceiling and floor coverings. Maybe it’s time you got in touch with your customers!

Installers – Unsung Superheroes Of The Sign Industry

Imagine investing in a vehicle wraps for you fleet only to find loose edges, alignment issues, even (horror!) cuts in the paint. Ouch!


Quality sign installers and wrap experts know and understand today’s wide range of material properties in addition to the potential and limits to what they can do. These unsung super heroes of the sign industry have the skills and experience to install a variety of graphics on all types of surfaces, even around the complex curved surfaces of a race car.
Never underestimate the value of proper installation! Auto Trim DESIGN uses 3M trained professional installers for any job, big or small. Your investment is just too important to leave to anyone else but the best!

Moving To The Green Side

Customers that want remain true to their commitment to being green can depend on Auto Trim Design to help them meet their goals. We are currently going through a Sustainable Green Printing Partnership certification to make sure we are doing everything possible to stay in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations.
Our long term project is to reduce our energy consumption by over 10 percent. Along the way, we are taking on a variety of smaller project to decrease our carbon footprint and encourage those who work with use to do the same. This includes our eco-friendly inks and solvents in addition to using the world’s first non-PVC, high-performing 3M™ Envision™ Wrap Films.
Ask us how we can help you stay on the green side.

Meet Tough Competition Head On

Today’s sales environment is tough. Think of Smart Set or the Bombay Company, two retailers that only last fall succumbed to a sluggish economy and intense competition.
So how do you keep the attention of your customers and remain competitive? One way is through unique and effective signage, inside and out, that gives your customers a memorable experience. We don’t just mean a display of products. We’re talking about enticing sign graphics on outside walls; banners in windows; branded, vinyl graphics on inside surfaces including floors; signs at your the service desk and POP displays in your lobby and main customer areas.


Whether you’re a national-wide corporation, a small chain or a single owner operated business, never underestimate a great customer experience!

What Story Does Your Windows Tell?

Creative window signage with vinyl graphics, decals, back-lit signs and hanging banners in your store window all tell your story -what you sell, who you are, who you sell to, and why customers should come inside.

An empty or poorly signed window says, “we’re going out of business”, or “we’re not expecting company, no reason to come in here.” An attractive window, however, tells an interesting story. It says, “Inside you’ll find even more creative ideas. Come in and see for yourself-this store is for you.”

What story do your windows tell? Are they silently working for you or telling people there’s no reason to come through the door?


We’re Growing!

We are excited to announce that that Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated has decided to acquire Peter Graphics, the leader in real estate signage.

Peter Graphics graphics provides the top quality real estate signs for all of the major Real Estate companies such as REMAX, Century 21 and HomeLife, just to name a few.

Have a look at Peter Graphics newly designed website!