Blog: Floor Graphics: Making an Impact

Floor Your Customers

When looking to advertise your business, floor graphics might not be the first resource that comes to mind. Do not overlook the use of floor graphics however, as they can be a beneficial tool for grabbing attention.

Coca-Cola Floor GraphicAll around you, you likely encounter ads on the sides of cars and buses, on benches, billboards, windows, and even on elevator doors. This can make it challenging for your business to stand out from the competition and make its message seen. The solution: floor graphics, an untapped resource that provides advertising in a prime location and maximizes views. Think about how often you glance down at the ground while walking in a store or down the street. By capitalizing on that valuable space, you can make a huge impact in influencing customers’ buying habits.

Floor graphics are a simple, effective, and affordable tool to use to reinforce your brand. They are inexpensive to manufacture and install as well as being durable and long lasting. Floor graphics are seen by countless potential customers; making them quite possibly the ideal promotional item!

Elevator Floor Graphic

So, now that you are aware of the benefits of why you should use floor graphics to market your message, how should you use them? As noted earlier, you need to stand out from your competition. You need to grab attention and get your customers to actually notice your ad. The most effective way to drive customer awareness and excitement, as well as sales, is to be creative. For example, people will certainly pay attention to your floor graphic if it interacts with them. Let’s say you operate a ski resort or sell ski supplies and are looking for a unique way to entice customers. One way is to install a floor graphic depicting a set of skis along with your business message in front of a bench and you have just created the illusion of riding a ski lift! Alternatively, say you are in the business of selling coffee. Install your coffee decal on a manhole cover to create the appearance of a steaming hot cup of coffee!

Whether it is a short-term giveaway or a celebrity-endorsed contest: Auto Trim DESIGN Incorporated has the floor graphic solutions you need to help generate excitement for your promotions! Use Auto Trim DESIGN graphic solutions to create interesting floor designs with ease and help make your message seen and heard through competitive clutter!

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